Discover Loma Isabel de Torres, its famous and beautiful hill and its Christ the Redeemer

Isabel de Torres National Park takes its name from the popular Loma Isabel de Torres (Isabel de Torres Hill), an 800 metre-high promontory in Puerto Plata.

This 15 kmĀ² park has a magnificent natural beauty that turns it into the most visited National Park in the Dominican Republic. Its main attractions are Loma Isabel de Torres and the Christ the Redeemer.

There is a cable railway that ascends from Puerto Plata, during the ascend it offers great views of the city and its coast. In the top of the hill, you can go for a walk in the peaceful botanical gardens and discover its natural biodiversity. This natural reserve has a number of animal and vegetal species; most of them are endemic like the palmchat, woodpeckers or Cuban kites.

Isabel de Torres National Park is a place not just for having fun but also to relax. If you are looking for the purest nature and tranquility, do not miss the chance to come and visit it.